Shrine Rings

Philosophical tyrants frequently have resorted to the demeaning tactic of unfairly marginalizing thought that differs in any material respect with the thought promoted by a particular philosophy.  Equally agonizing, the bully down the street threatens to physically beat anyone who does not pay shrine rings or her the respect he or she demands.

You can give guys shirts, shrine rings, caps, ties or wallets; but is that all the perfect gift idea you could come up with?  Though the individual despot may vary from head of state to the bully down the street, it is not difficult to discern the character traits common to all despots.

Shrine Rings

The tyrannical ruler of nations has left his indelible mark upon the pages of history: the people he or she governed suffered repression of freedoms, humiliation, outrage and often became the victims of murderous rages.  The religious despot has also littered the historical landscape with such obscenities as warfare waged against innocent human beings in the name of God.

Well, certainly they’re great shrine rings gift ideas, but if you don’t put effort and thought to what you’re going to give to your man, then there is nothing special about it. You’re gift can easily be forgotten when not carefully thought of.

 As mankind becomes more aware of himself as a unique being in the universe, he oddly becomes more inclined to care more about shrine rings than he does about others.  He feeds himself and his family and when they are finished, they often throw the remainder in the trash.