Scottish Rite Masonic Rings

When the thoughtful, speculative Mason places his thinking into operative action the world becomes a better place.  When he fails, darkness prevails to the detriment of all humanity.  Consider your actions and resolve never to hide your lamp beneath a bushel.  You are a Mason, you understand, you know the Scottish Rite Masonic Rings and should act like one. Scottish Rite Masonic Rings

  • Diamond Scottish Rite Masonic Rings with 14th degree, 18th degree, 32nd degree, and 3rd degree Blue Lodge sides and hollow back.
  • This is a deep symbol for any mason and yet is simple in meaning. The Yod character is a Hebrew character used within masonry. This item is used within the 14th Degree and the Lodge of Perfection.
  • Diamond Scottish Rite Masonic Rings with 14th and 32nd degree black enameled emblems and hollow back.

The converse is true of a bad man.  While his bad deeds die with him, the effect of those deeds may live long after he has passed away.  The lessons acquired in Masonry enable the member to make it more likely that his own dying will be a source of life to others – not a source of grief and torment.

He also learns that from a political perspective, while Freemasonry abstains from generally expressing preferences, the Craft emphatically endorses liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association and a free public education for all citizens.

Each Mason is informed at some early point in his Masonic career that he must endeavor for the remainder of his life to be the sole sovereign over his earthly destiny, the Scottish Rite Masonic Rings, and other important things.