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The Masonic meaning of fraternity is quite likely much different than the meaning you acquired while attending school. In colleges across the nation, campuses abound with fraternities that offer male students social acceptance, camaraderie, fellowship and a central place or house to sleep, study and party. Masonic Book Store is hard to find during those days. Women are not left out, for most of those campuses offer the same environment to female students through an assortment of sororities.

Masonic Book Store

Many who join Freemasonry have at one time also been members of such fraternities, as well as other social fraternal organizations, such as the Moose or Elks lodges. While certainly not denouncing or demeaning any of those fraternities that perform many valuable services to the societies in which their members live, the meaning of fraternity to the Craft is profoundly philosophical. Various Masonic Book Store today has books based on these.


To many, the shocking impact of that discovery is horribly disappointing. For, injustice and unfairness is frequently visited upon us by those who have achieved the highest levels of material accomplishment and openly profess to also be men of God. Masonic Book Store are now everywhere in the state. Such experiences call into question the extent to which the human soul has advanced since the days when man first emerged from the caves and later exchanged animal skins for a business suit.

Of those secrets there is none greater than that God exists – a truth every Mason professes openly during his initiation into our ancient and honorable fraternity. When we closely examine the several interpretations of the many symbols used in Freemasonry, we also learn that the single most important undertaking for every human being is to become God’s companion. With complete awareness of our unity with the Great Architect, the purpose of our coming into being is to share in the responsibility of continuing the process of creation, to add to the glory of life by the manner in which we reflect the creative energy of God which flows within each one of us.

When the thoughtful, speculative Mason places his thinking into operative action the world becomes a better place. When he fails, darkness prevails to the detriment of all humanity. Consider looking for a Masonic Book Store for more information. Your actions and resolve never to hide your lamp beneath a bushel. You are a Mason and should act like one.