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Candidates for degrees in Freemasonry are required to enter a Masonic lodge without any metallic substances on their person. They are also instructed that King Solomon’s Temple was erected without the aid of any iron or metallic tools. Divestiture further acknowledges the need to rid oneself of the resulting impurities that an adherence to the material side of life inflicts upon man’s soul. People have created Masonic Book Club to discuss all aspects of Freemasonry.

Masonic Book Club

Your universe is created by the thoughts and feelings you experience in your daily life. This is the great lesson of alchemy and one of the centerpieces of the ancient mysteries that Freemasonry embraces. Freemasonry seeks to provide a candidate the tools necessary to make his material life consistent with his spiritual life. God never intended for man to select one as opposed to the other – to choose either to live in the world or in the spirit. Rather, the Great Architect intended that all men would live a spiritual life in the body and environment in which he was placed by Nature.

To some simply having attended the service is sufficient enough, for it represents the sacrifice of time, if nothing more. Similarly, the Mason who works for a living has quite likely observed fellow employees voice support for the needy during holiday times, but how often does he observe real acts of charity ñ the giving of time, food, shelter and compassion? It is within this realm that redeeming and changing apply.

Freemasonry’s relationship to the science and philosophy of alchemy has been written about extensively by this and other Masonic authors. Indeed, if one lifts the veil of Masonic mysteries high enough, he will see beneath it an alchemical formula that is essential to the Third Degree allegories. The alchemical significance of divesting a person of all metallic substances, as symbolized in Masonry, is that it prepares the candidate to be transformed into a new man. If you think and feel virtuously, you attract virtuous things into your life. If you permit negative thoughts and feelings to permeate your being, you will attract negative things. Freemasonry teaches us to contemplate the plumb, level and square, as well as the other tools of architecture, which we use to build good thoughts and to construct excellent feelings.

Yet, even the Mason who has no time for anything other than his work has some time for his lodge. There is an opportunity to speak out and motivate Masons to act in concert and through their organization to actively work toward ridding society of all social injustices. There is also an opportunity for the Mason with limited additional time to participate together with his Masonic Book Club brethren, to a small degree at least, in performing that important social work.

When those lessons are learned, the Mason becomes all that he wishes to become – and even more. As lustration, or baptism symbolizes the completion of man’s commitment to spiritual renewal, so too does the divesting of metallic substances symbolize man’s readiness to learn and become reborn.

Masonic Code Book

Masonic Code Book

Certain writers about the history of Freemasons emphatically declare that Masons were originally builders, or men who were skilled at fashioning stone for the builder’s use. For them, the phrase operative masonry refers to men from a certain period in history who, presumably knowing nothing about the spiritual significance of our Masonic symbols, worked with squares, compasses, mallets and levels to erect buildings. In the Masonic Code Book, If asked that question during a town meeting, or in any other public setting it is not likely that many would hesitate to raise their hands in proof of their tolerant nature, if for no other reason than to avoid appearing to their friends and neighbors as being socially unacceptable. In contrast, speculative masons are described by those same writers as present-day Masons men who have suddenly discovered the spiritual significance of the tools our blue-collar ancestors evidently knew nothing about.

Masonic Code Book

The differing concepts also draw grave significance from the discussion about which is more important, the individual, or society. To Freemasons, the problem is again resolved by reference back to the Supreme Architect of the Universe Masons confess His superiority in all matters and trust that thought coupled with action will make real to all mankind Gods enormous love. Freemasonry has adopted the system of Pythagoras, whom Masonic writers have described as having himself been a Mason. Under that system grammar, rhetoric and logic are taught to cultivate and improve the mind. Mathematics, geometry, music and astronomy are also inculcated and a system of symbols is derived therefrom. This outline for the cultivation of intellectual insight should be strictly followed. an is seemingly surrounded by injustice and all too often discovers that those in whom he has placed his greatest trust have abandoned him for the sake of commercial greed.

That human soul is regarded as the inspiration of the great Divinity whom all Masons adore. How man became an “inspiration” of God, or what that phrase even means is a mystery greater than life itself. To the extent such a mystery truly exists, it is because there is human consciousness in existence ready and able to pose that question.

It is written in the Masonic Code Book Gospels that if one has faith as a grain of mustard seed, he may move mountains. Empirical science takes a grain of hydrogen and releases its energy thereby reducing a mountain to dust. The first is speculative, the second is operative. Mankind has not yet learned to use the immense powers of the mind to generally move mountains. However, Masonic Code Book science has unleashed the power of the atom for man to build or destroy. Yet, that science did not act alone as if by magic. Learned men applied their knowledge to the task and discovered a secret of Nature that is potentially good and evil. Nothing of the atom, of hydrogen, or even of the spherical shape of the world would be known to this age had not men of a previous age thought and acted. Thinking without doing would have produced nothing.

Some support for that contention is believed to derive from Masonic Code Book ritual itself, which purportedly offers the candidate a distinction to consider between operative and speculative Masonry. We are informed that our ancient brethren wrought at the building of King Solomon’s Temple and other stately edifices, but that we today are only speculative Masons. Most people, including most Freemasons, generally regard themselves as tolerant of other people’s religious beliefs. Indeed, as opposed to merely feigning sincerity, it is likely that most people actually believe they deserve to be labeled as tolerant, especially if they happen to be citizens of the United States.

To Freemasons everywhere in the world, the development of a tolerant state of consciousness is central to the promotion of brotherly love. One cannot love his brother, if he hates his brother’s religious doctrine. One cannot aid and support his brother, if he concludes that his brother’s pitiful condition is God’s will visited upon he who practices false religious Masonic Code Book doctrine. Similarly, the Mason who works for a living has quite likely observed fellow employees voice support for the needy during holiday times, but how often does he observe real acts of charity the giving of time, food, shelter and compassion? It is within this realm that redeeming and changing apply. And, one cannot rejoice in the welfare and successes of his brother when he arrogantly believes that he walks in truth while his brother follows the path of darkness.

Those who follow the Jewish faith find the way to redeeming and changing through the law of Moses, including the Ten Commandments. Buddhists travel the road of inner serenity, as do the Hindus, each seeking the peace within themselves that illuminates the soul. Christians resolve to accept the divinity of Jesus Christ. Moslems attempt to align themselves to the teachings of Mohammed and his descendants to ensure a proper place in the world of obedience to God. But what of the Mason who has not selected a formal religion to follow? If he does not adhere to a particular dogma, is his journey from the Fall back to obedience destined to fail? Masonic Code Book tells such a man that he will not fail, if he devotes himself without reserve to the sole voice from above the voice of the Supreme Architect of the Universe. The idealist considers everything as so many forms of thought, while the realist affirms that objects of knowledge have an existence that is independent of thought.

The Masonic meaning of fraternity is quite likely much different than the meaning you acquired while attending school. In colleges across the nation, campuses abound with fraternities that offer male students social acceptance, camaraderie, fellowship and a central place or house to sleep, study and party. The converse is true of a bad man. While his bad deeds die with him, the effect of those deeds may live long after he has passed away. The lessons in the Masonic Code Book acquired in Masonry enable the member to make it more likely that his own dying will be a source of life to others – not a source of grief and torment. While certainly not denouncing or demeaning any of those fraternities that perform many valuable services to the societies in which their members live, the meaning of fraternity to the Craft is profoundly philosophical.

Masonic Books Online

Masonic Books Online

When asked if new archeological discoveries might bring a change to existing church doctrine, one prelate recently answered “no.” It is not difficult to understand the reason for that answer. Change in the fundamental facts inherent in any given doctrine could undermine a church’s credibility. Our Nation’s Constitutional protection of the freedom of religion is taught to American school children at an early age. Masonic Books Online are available in the internet. Churches of several different denominations dot the landscape, as do the synagogues and mosques. The Inquisition led to mass killings of Jews, gypsies and supposed witches, as well as others who were deemed not to have sincerely embraced the specific doctrine then in power.

While our society can hope that such fundamental devotions to the concept of religious tolerance are accurately representative of how we act as citizens, the truth actually depends upon how one defines religious tolerance. Accordingly, the best defense against such change was, and continues to be intolerance. The result of such a posture was illustrated most graphically during that period of history known simply as “The Inquisition” – a period when prelates and kings roamed the civilized world searching for heretics to burn and torture.

Masonic Books Online

The symbolism of the Green Man also teaches us that growth is experiential, that is, it may only be experienced to fully understand. Such is also so with regard to the “secrets” of Freemasonry. Those “secrets,” like understanding what growth means, cannot be revealed even if someone actually chose to sit down and explain them to the entire world. Like death, Freemasonry can only be “experienced,” and thus the “secrets” remain hidden from all who choose never to enjoy the experience. That is so with our Green Man, for it is from his mouth that vegetation grows and around his head that the resulting busy growth twines. He grows, he experiences and he becomes wise. Alchemists believed that salt which is extracted from sea water by the process of evaporation constitutes the element of fire delivered by water. Sulphur is to the human body what the Sun is to the earth. The coupling of salt and sulphur symbolizes life and death, or light and darkness nourishing one another.

Masonic Books teach that by the use of symbols and in so doing encourages its members to understand that God’s most enduring lessons are yet to be recovered from the mists of the past. Prophets and seers have told us that mankind has merely scratched the surface of all that is to be learned. Where man once walked on foot to get from one place to the other, he may now fly. While ancient civilizations could not communicate one with another, today’s nations are in instant communication. Mankind is drawing ever closer together, hundreds of thousands of people are living in urban environments and men on one end of the globe are nourishing the needs of men at the other end. Man’s relationship with God, direct and unfettered by outside dogma or doctrine, is essential for men to absorb the concept of brotherly love – not as a mere concept, but as a way of life.

Within those lodges men meet upon the level; the rich and the poor; the high and the low; who, as created by one Almighty parent and inhabitants of the same world are to aid, support and protect one another.  Men of diverse creeds, different interests and disparate occupations share a mutual respect and true regard for each other.  Freemasonry lifts those men to a higher level than they would have ever believed themselves capable of reaching. The Kabbalah teaches that all authority has its source in the ineffable name of deity ñYHVH ñ and that all law derives from that name.  The clear implication here, as well as in all Masonic lodges, is that the human bearer of authority does not replace divine authority.  Rather, he renounces his own will and permits himself to conduct himself as a conduit for divine authority.  Always stationed in the east, the Master renounces action, as opposed to obedience, ease in favor of duty and movement in favor of standing sentry.  In other words, the Master is a guardian of his post and essentially guards the scepter.

Thus, while the general candidate for Masonic degrees is not entirely knowledgeable about either alchemy, or the symbols it employs, it is intended that he meditate upon such esoteric matters as the evolution and continuity of all life. For Masonic Books Online you can buy the books that you are looking for. As well as the fact that the transformation from material life to spiritual existence is a matter of personal experience. Each and every human being will live, die and live again, but nobody can fully appreciate how that will feel until it actually happens.

Electronic Book Readers

Electronic Book Readers

Masonry embraces the truth that life as created by God never ends. It changes, as every human being should know, Yet, that proposition assumes a life without God – a life without the warm touch of His grace. Masonry does not teach such an assumption. Electronic Book Readers

To the contrary, Masonry boldly acknowledges that the history of man is a history about human beings ever evolving spiritually to enable all mankind to be regarded by the Great Architect as his best, closest and dearest friends. but it never terminates. More and more people have become electronic book readers. Since the despot’s greatest weapon is fear, once all men also embrace the truth about immortality fear’s grip on the soul of all societies is seriously weakened.

There are Feemason electronic book readers available online. With this software, you can bring your favorite Masonic softcopy anywhere and read it at you most convenient time and place.

Hall’s gospel of identity, while subject to denunciation as fanciful thinking, at best, or, at worst dangerous in its promotion of forsaking individual freedoms, is relevant to each one of us when considered in light of lessons set forth in the Holy Bible. As a teaching drawn from the First Great Light of Masonry, its significance in shaping individual conduct must be carefully considered.

The problem was explicitly analyzed by Plato, who first observed on behalf of realists: “I see a horse, but I don’t see horseness.” According to Plato, “horseness” merely exists as an idea and is not real other than as a form of thought.

More of these on Masonic Electronic Book Readers. Throughout the remainder of his Masonic career, the Mason will receive countless additional instructions about the relationship of brotherly love to the concept of tolerance, especially the concept of religious tolerance.


Masonic Catalogs

Masonic Catalog

There are people who look for Masonic Catalogs for the basic information or requirements for membership. Women are not left out, for most of those campuses offer the same environment to female students through an assortment of sororities.

Masonic Catalogs

The Masonic Catalogs symbols arranged in the Chamber of Reflection are also intended to inculcate in the mind of the novitiate the importance of distinguishing between that which is real and that which is fantasy. When man attaches to that which is real, he frees himself from the phantoms that so quickly set light and darkness into opposition.

More often than not, evil conduct is the consequence of a confused imagination. In Hitler’s twisted fantasy, the Jew was responsible for the ills of his society. A serial murderer frequently fantasizes that taking life viciously and violently brings pleasure.

The Masonic Catalogs meaning of fraternity is quite likely much different than the meaning you acquired while attending school. In colleges across the nation, campuses abound with fraternities that offer male students social acceptance, camaraderie, fellowship and a central place or house to sleep, study and party.

Do you think the world today could benefit from a broader practice of this virtue? If so, faithfully incorporate it into your daily life and miracles will happen – despots will be vanquished. Masonic Catalogs are available in some establishments. Although it can be difficult to find.

Masonic Ebooks

Masonic Ebooks

Call 1-619-462-4290

Are you looking for Masonic Ebooks? Look no more, this topic can be found and bought in the internet today. More and more Freemason fanatics are starting to publish their creative works online. Various areas of the Freemaosn brotherhood can be surfed in the internet in just a few seconds. You can purchase these Masonic Ebooks at reasonable prices.

If you would be wise, as King Solomon was wise, you must learn the thoughts and desires of your brethren, as well as the thoughts of the members of your family, neighborhoods, houses of worship and work places to own riches and masonic supplies.

Masonic Ebooks
Let your heart therefore be perfect with the Lord our God, to walk in his statutes and to keep His commandments … 1 Kings 8:61

As humans, we are first brought together to differ, then to listen to the Masonic Ebooks for difference and then to make a difference by coming to an agreement. It is sad that the word compromise has fallen into such disfavor in our world of today. To compromise a position means to some the very abdication of all that is correct in favor of all that is false.

It is the agreement, or covenant made by each Mason that guarantees that the world will experience the fruits of Masonic labor. Yet, as with other Masonic symbolism, there are also other esoteric lessons to be learned from the Masonic Bible scripture found in the book of Ruth.

Freedom is a gift of God. We can accept it, or reject the entire premise. Fear forces us to make a choice. Many select slavery and yield. Masonic Ebooks contains text that pose as symbols for higher truth. Others believe that freedom is a matter of choice and therefore choose to act free, even though they may be in a horrendous state of fear. Man is but of little time here on earth. Yet, his spirit lives forever. We ought not to care so much about our welfare here on earth as to sacrifice the great gift of freedom God has given us.

The forms and ceremonies used by the Essenes were symbolical, just as they are today in Freemasonry. According to Philo, they had four degrees; were Jews by birth; and held a greater affection for each other than was true of members of any other sect. Before there was a Christian religion, they fulfilled the Christian law, “Love one another.” They despised riches and made certain that no single member had more material goods than any other member, all of which were held in common. Their piety toward the one living God was without compare, which they ritualized in mysterious ceremonies and initiations about which very little is known. However, like Freemasonry, it was within the symbolism of those ceremonies that the hidden mysteries could be revealed.

Masonic writers on Masonic Ebooks, encouraged Masons to develop both their operative sense, as well as their speculative curiosity. For Masonry to impart anything of lasting value to humanity, Masons must think then act. One cannot exist without the other, if man hopes to contribute anything to his brethren. In so doing, those writers have variously invited us to each synthesize three antitheses or antimonies: (1) idealism – realism; (2) realism – nominalism; and (3) faith – empirical science.

Masonic Book Store

Masonic Book Store

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The Masonic meaning of fraternity is quite likely much different than the meaning you acquired while attending school. In colleges across the nation, campuses abound with fraternities that offer male students social acceptance, camaraderie, fellowship and a central place or house to sleep, study and party. Masonic Book Store is hard to find during those days. Women are not left out, for most of those campuses offer the same environment to female students through an assortment of sororities.

Masonic Book Store

Many who join Freemasonry have at one time also been members of such fraternities, as well as other social fraternal organizations, such as the Moose or Elks lodges. While certainly not denouncing or demeaning any of those fraternities that perform many valuable services to the societies in which their members live, the meaning of fraternity to the Craft is profoundly philosophical. Various Masonic Book Store today has books based on these.


To many, the shocking impact of that discovery is horribly disappointing. For, injustice and unfairness is frequently visited upon us by those who have achieved the highest levels of material accomplishment and openly profess to also be men of God. Masonic Book Store are now everywhere in the state. Such experiences call into question the extent to which the human soul has advanced since the days when man first emerged from the caves and later exchanged animal skins for a business suit.

Of those secrets there is none greater than that God exists – a truth every Mason professes openly during his initiation into our ancient and honorable fraternity. When we closely examine the several interpretations of the many symbols used in Freemasonry, we also learn that the single most important undertaking for every human being is to become God’s companion. With complete awareness of our unity with the Great Architect, the purpose of our coming into being is to share in the responsibility of continuing the process of creation, to add to the glory of life by the manner in which we reflect the creative energy of God which flows within each one of us.

When the thoughtful, speculative Mason places his thinking into operative action the world becomes a better place. When he fails, darkness prevails to the detriment of all humanity. Consider looking for a Masonic Book Store for more information. Your actions and resolve never to hide your lamp beneath a bushel. You are a Mason and should act like one.

A Review Of Student Plus – Is It Worth Buying?

Hi Andy here yet again, this time around with a peek at Student Plus. In this report I will answer those burning queries for anyone interested in this product, namely:

– What is Student Plus all about?
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That’s a lot to get through, how about we get moving right away.

Exactly what does Student Plus do?

Let’s check out the product’s internet site for this one, and see precisely what they say about themselves:

Buy Test Banks, Solution Manuals and Instructor Manuals.

Is it a rip-off?

Well, there’s actually one effortless way to discover this for a digital product: what is the refund rate? Products with a high refund rate are frequently a scam. This, obviously, makes a lot of sense – if it’s a scam, then lots of people will be asking for a refund. The approximate refund rate for Student Plus is 1.41%, which is extremely low and tells us this product is highly unlikely to be a scam.

Is it worth buying?

There are numerous verifiable testimonals from happy users on Student Plus’s internet site. Reading these testimonials is often a great way of evaluating if the product is right for you. You should then back-up that research by taking a look at an external review. See the hyperlink at the end of this report for one such review, which gives the product a rating of 4.44/5. This is high and suggests the product is definitely worth buying.

Can I obtain a bonus for purchasing this product? (and what exactly is a bonus?)

Certain sites have taken to providing what’s called a ‘purchase bonus’. It’s a bit like a free coke when you buy a hamburger – a thankyou your purchasing via their link. For Student Plus there is a bonus on offer that is an ebook describing ways to get access to countless hidden bonuses – you simply need a clever (and secret) Google search to locate them. (See link at the bottom of the page)

Can I get my money back if I don’t want it?

The quick answer: yes! Payments for this item are processed through Clickbank – and they offer a 60-day no-quibble guarantee for all products. So you can rest assured you can get a refund.

What do I do now?

I’ve been through all the principal queries that prospective customers have when it comes to this product . Before making that last purchasing decision, It is best to check out the complete review sheet (see link below). It will explain some further information, including complimentary items, any discount rates and any bonuses offered by the Student Plus team. You can additionally find details of the purchase bonus stated previously. So, head onto where you can see the product sheet for Student Plus. It’s also wise to get a free of charge copy of his ‘Secret Discounts’ ebook. It details a huge selection of hidden discounts available on digital products. Wouldn’t you love to learn where the hidden discounts are?

Hand Made Items: Weird Facts

So what do the professionals say?

It’s definition of “Handcrafted”; to fashion or make by hand.

Merriam Webster:

Handmade; made by hand or by a hand process. Handicraft;

1: a: manual skill b: an occupation requiring skill with the hands

2: the articles fashioned by these engaged in handicraft.

In nowadays of hot debates and seminars on global warming and harsh side effects of over industrialization, it really is worth contemplate the merits of handmade merchandise that usually are not dangerous for our environment. Manufacturing and consumption of these merchandise are to be encouraged for its several benefits. In nearly all countries you will discover talented classic craftsmen who makes them for a living and it is pretty natural to discover that these wonderful merchandise have a story to tell about the society they are living and also the wealthy tradition they follow.


Handmade goods are exclusive in all respects. Each 1 will have a private touch that make them unique. Most of these items are produced from natural materials and they are an excellent method to gift thereby spreading an awareness for becoming environment friendly. Made from natural materials, these are free of charge from toxic materials. It is therefor great for even youngsters to gift them as toys.

Handmade; created by hand or a hand process

Handcrafted; A work produced by hand labor

Almost just about every definition was identical. For fun I got out my old dusty Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary published in 1963 to see what they had to say 45 years ago. I wasn’t surprised to see there wasn’t very much of a difference. Handmade; made by hand or a hand process. Handcraft; to style by handicraft. Handicraft; 1a: manual skill. b: an occupation requiring a skill using the hands.

Lastly I tried to locate a more contemporary definition so I attempted Wikipedia. Handmade; means some thing made by hand, rather than by a machine.
Much to my surprise the word handcrafted came up with “No article title matches”.

After quite a few hours of investigation I gave up. I guess I’m going to need to provide you with my narrative of handcrafted vs. handmade and let you choose which classification to choose.

Since most agree that “handmade” is often a course of action of making something by hand, or with your hands, does it mean completely by hand or the process of putting something together employing your hands? Reading the definitions I found, it means just concerning the exact same thing.

They are perfect gifts for those who enjoy atmosphere and every thing that is created from natural materials. These exclusive products are made to final for a life time along with the expertise of producing them have been transferred and cherished by talented craftsmen from generation to generation.

If you thought that the topic was intriguing you might also want to be reading about Hand Painted Secretary and also Hand Painted Switch Plates.

The Key To Choosing The Bestseller

These days, a lot of publications, publications, and also other types of reading through components, such as pride and prejudice, are now being released on a daily basis, whether it’s over the web maybe in booksellers. With this latest development, furthermore occurs the fact that a number of people are wondering which usually textbooks needs to be study and that will not be.


In the end, with all the large number regarding publications, much like the pride and prejudice book, also may come as confusion for most people, and the ones do not really want to waste time and funds throughout getting a guide that isn’t worth each their time and expense. To aid stay away from making that exact same blunder, here are a few strategies on the way to select a great book.


• Use the web to the fullest extent edge. If however you see a book in a very bookshop or perhaps keep that intrigues you and you don’t get a chance to spread out the idea (especially when it’s protected) next make an effort to look it up on the internet and see how nearly all experts examine it, as well as, you are able to choose a summary of its on the internet, or in case fortunate enough, you can find a copy from it online for free.


• As constantly, results should always be used. You can either search for all of them on-line or perhaps in publications, to investigate a list of books that usually offer nicely, given that, which decides if the guide is a useful one or otherwise not and useful to see.


• Ask regarding suggestions from your pals, loved ones and relatives. These people certainly are fully aware of one or two great textbooks, and so they could possibly have one that it is possible to borrow and focus for yourself. You could also desire to request the particular product sales clerk on what books normally sell properly, and also which in turn textbooks some may want to recommend for your requirements, particularly if you’re one who carries a particular liking with a certain variety.


• Lastly, create a list involving possible guides which you may desire to go through. This will be relevant, specifically if you don’t are able to afford to get lots of textbooks. List down the particular probable books, and appearance them way up online, and choose which are generally accepted along with well-received simply by authorities and that happen to be certainly not, in addition, make certain you enjoy the novel as well.

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