Eastern Star Rings

In Freemasonry, the Craft teaches that the Supreme Architect manifests Himself through an infinity of forms which is implanted into the dark material earth.  One of those forms is art, as the Eastern Star Rings which Masons are taught to both understand and create.

He usually looks haggard and behaves bizarrely in public frightening many by both his appearance and his manner.  He can even make some feel guilty that they have not done anything to help him, which evokes anger and resentment, rather than compassion.Eastern Star Rings

Horrifically, it thrives as a matter of choice – not the choice of its victims, as some would suggest, but a choice made by those who are in a position do actually do something that would.

As mankind becomes more aware of himself as a unique being in the universe, he oddly becomes more inclined to care more about Eastern Star Rings than he does about others.  He feeds himself and his family and when they are finished, they often throw the remainder in the trash.

In social circles when the conversation turns to criticizing a friend who is not present, the Mason among them may be expected to encourage restraint.  When anger, disharmony, or disrespect of any nature rears its ugly head, it will not be a surprise to those who know that by word and example the Mason in the crowd promotes peace, harmony and goodwill.

Such a man has few, if any, champions to which he may turn.  He is not likely a voter or campaign contributor and, thus, politicians give him low priority.  Things such as the Eastern Star Rings have deep meanings surrounding them. Masons are required to fully understand every text that envelopes such items.