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Books About Freemasons

Books About Freemasons

Christian writers, as well as allegedly Jesus himself, recognized that all scripture had an inner meaning, as well as an outer truth. There are so many published Books about Freemasons. Ancient Egypt contributed such symbolism as east-to-west, the divine nature of the Temple, the immortality of mankind and the resurrection. The ritual selected by Freemasonry to impart wise and serious truths has no single source. It is not Christian, Jewish, Islamic or Hindu. It does, however, find its source in each of those religions, as well as several others. Moreover, its beauty is richly augmented by wonderful philosophical schools from the past. Books About Freemasons

The passage of scripture taken from the Gospel of Luke at the head of this article makes it abundantly clear that the public teachings attributed to Jesus were different from the private teachings he imparted to his inner circle of Apostles. The writings of the Essenes were laced with mysticism, parables, enigmas and sophisticated allegories. They studied both the esoteric and exoteric meanings of the Holy Writings, which they found in the Old Testament just as the Gnostics found in the New Testament.

Even within that inner circle, it is reputed that some received a light not otherwise given to other Apostles. Our Hebrew brothers added the symbolism of the one God, which was later reinforced by Mohammed and other Islamic writers. Many authors have published Books about Freemasons. The Hindus led us to adopt the symbolism of the beauty of the world around us, so rich and thoroughly satisfying as to be deserving of return visits after death in the manner of the reincarnation of souls.

That light represents what the world now refers to as the hidden mysteries, because it is not freely meted out to those in the outer circle; those who are left to decipher the kingdom of God for themselves from the several allegories, stories and parables set forth in the Holy Writings.

Under that belief, he was not killed merely because he challenged Roman rule, or the religious dogma taught by the Pharisees. Pythagoras and Plato tendered to the Craft the concept of mankind’s unity with God and nature. Among its many valuable spiritual contributions, Christianity taught the Craft to educate its members about the inner soul, the mind of man and the freedom of everyone to choose good over evil, light instead of darkness.

In some intellectual circles, as well as in certain Masonic literature, it is insinuated that Jesus was killed because he improperly divulged the hidden Books about Freemasons mysteries which he had vowed to conceal and never reveal.

As a consequence, Freemasonry’s ritual is the result of the synthesizing of different beliefs and different points of view. Consequently, it is no surprise that the fraternity both promotes religious tolerance and literally breathes it into the hearts and souls of its members. Within his community, Mr. Heisner has served as president and director of his homeowner’s association, participated in the immigrant nationalization process as a member of Kiwanis. He himself have written various Books about Freemason.


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Freemason Audio Books

Freemason Audio Books

Where darkness reigns in the heart of men that is where the light of Freemasonry must shine brightest. We are reminded of the parable in our Holy Writings which teaches us that a shining lamp must not be placed where it cannot be seen. Most Freemasons Audio Books contain this text. Thus, while the general candidate for Masonic degrees is not entirely knowledgeable about either alchemy, or the symbols it employs, it is intended that he meditate upon such esoteric matters as the evolution and continuity of all life, as well as the fact that the transformation from material life to spiritual existence is a matter of personal experience. Alchemists believed that salt which is extracted from sea water by the process of evaporation constitutes the element of fire delivered by water. Freemason Audio Books

Each and every human being will live, die and live again, but nobody can fully appreciate how that will feel until it actually happens. Sulphur is to the human body what the Sun is to the earth. The coupling of salt and sulphur symbolizes life and death, or light and darkness nourishing one another. Perhaps the greatest threat against man’s freedom comes not from monarchs, dictators, or evil minded rulers, but from the generally well-intended people who permit themselves the unseemly luxury of besmirching another person’s good name.

Because Masonry communicates its wise and serious truths by the symbols that have been selected throughout time, it is quite likely very important that a candidate for degrees appreciate the meditation required of him before he ever embarks upon his Masonic journey.

An idle tongue wags caring not that the story about the man in the corner is only half true. Suddenly another human being is imprisoned by the disapproval of many and may not easily free himself even if he successfully proves the story false. Too many will say, “Where there is smoke, there is fire,” and the damage will therefore be irremediable. In legal circles, such conduct is called libel or slander. Around the water cooler of many workplaces it is simply called gossip. On prime time television, it is often referred to as good journalism.

However, a Freemason assumes vows obligating him to protect a brother Mason’s good name – a vow that is much more meaningful in this age of instant communication than ever before. Tolerance, then, is more than simply putting up with someone else’s differing religious belief: it requires embracing and loving the difference. Freemasons Audio Books contain basic facts and information about Freemasons. They can also be bought at bookstores near you or you can check it online.

Because everyone cannot become a Mason, the world may only experience the benefit of those Masonic principles when they are put into action by Masons. The Freemason Audio Books is now available in the market. Every faithful Mason who does so changes not only the environment where he lives, he also contributes to changing the environment of the entire world. To prove our point, consider the possibilities of the dramatic impact the lessons from the three Masonic degrees may have upon society.


Shriners History

Shriners History

History exposes the origins of this underground society from the stealing of King Solomons treasure to the three evils against which Freemasons believe they’re still struggling: ignorance fanaticism and tyranny to a present-day initiation ceremony attended by 2.5 million Freemasons from around the world. It is said that neither a slave, nor one born in slavery can be admitted into the rites and privileges of Freemasonry. In the Shriners History, that is so in the first instance, because no one legally bound to another can voluntarily assume the covenants of the Craft. Yet, it is during the Third Degree that the candidate learns how to rely upon God – how to fear not what man can do unto him. He must do so by himself. Masonic Shrine

From the illustrious George Washington and the infamous J. Edgar Hoover to brilliant imaginer Walt Disney and bad boy of baseball Ty Cobb, Freemasons have influenced every aspect of American life. Yet this secret society remains as controversial and mysterious as ever. In this book, you?ll learn the truth about:The power and meaning behind the symbols, rites, and rituals Alleged connections with Jack the Ripper, the KKK, and the Holy GrailFreemasons vs. the NazisThe centuries-long rivalry with the Catholic ChurchFreemasonry?s growing influence here and abroadAs the largest?and oldest?fraternal organization, the Freemasons will continue to shape the world we live in.

During the ritual, the candidate learns that he will no longer have someone to pray for him. In the case of the second instance, it must be assumed that any person born in a servile state, even though he may afterwards become free, inherits a degradation of mind and enthrallment of spirit which disqualify him from performing the duties of a Mason with “freedom, fervency and zeal.” Thus, every candidate for Masonic degrees is first introduced to the lodge as a freeborn man.

In preparation for the Masonic journey, whether or not that journey commences with a period of private contemplation in the Chamber of Reflection, a candidate should be led to reflect upon where he is in his own life, where he wishes to be when his life on earth ends and how he should best accomplish the journey between those two points. The true and trusty brother who had previously served as his guide is replaced with the invisible presence of the Deity. Here, Masons are prepared for traveling abroad, or in the social and professional circles in his life outside of a Masonic Lodge. Shriners History in context, many lodges in America have stopped teaching this valuable lesson at the outset of a candidate’s Masonic career.

They claim they’re merely a civic-minded fraternity bound together by harmless rituals. But throughout their long history the Freemasons have been reviled as devil worshippers accused of provoking revolution and suspected of plotting to take over the world.


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Masonic Bible

Masonic Bible

Wherever life is extinguished, compressed, stifled, corrupted, or diminished to suit the will of one over many tyranny and despotism reign. Freemasons are united in eternal hostility to tyranny and despotic power. This is written in any Masonic Bible. Those evils are not solely found among history’s legendary tyrants, such as Hitler, Stalin and the beasts of today who slaughter their own kinsmen for the purpose of consolidating and perpetuating political power.

Tyranny and despotism has been found to reside in churches, as well as in castles. Rather, they are found everywhere men act to reduce the life of the many for the profit of one. Masonic Bible

The only Masonic Edition of the Bible with all these features: Masonic, Scottish Rite, and Eastern Star Records Masonic Presidents. Freemasonry and the Holy Bible – Taking you through the internal workings of Freemasonry from the first to the thirty-third degree. Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Masonry. Order of the Eastern Star. Questions and Answers Relating to the History and Work of Freemasonry. (Three women who were Masons). Biblical Index to Freemasonry – giving references by books, chapter and verse to phrases, characters, events and places associated with the ritual and teachings of Freemasonry.

It is these that weaken the soul of humanity and shackle the will of every free person. It is these that Freemasonry abhors and resists. That resistance is personified by the inculcation of universal benevolence, tolerance and love of all mankind. It is essential for the candidate to understand that Masonry does not teach that good works achieves salvation of the spirit and soul.

Rather, religions variously teach that lesson. Freemasonry instructs upon how a life should be lived – how the “works” of one human life actually reflect upon the “faith” that one holds. Therefore, the journey for which the Chamber of Reflection prepares the candidate is the journey toward better living, not salvation which can only come by the grace of God – never by man’s own works and deeds.

In the Masonic Bible, this journey is discussed thoroughly and in depth. This is a Masonic Holy Bible with Old & New Testaments. King James (KJV) Text. Published by A.J. Holman, Philadelphia 1940. “The Bible in Masonry” section appears before the Bible. Has a Masonic section before the bible starts. Contains Illustrations of Soloman’s Temple and a Ribbon Marker. Gold Guilded Edged Pages. Comes in a Holman Books storage box, which reads “40M Masonic edition.”


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History Channell

History Channell

They claim they re merely a civic-minded fraternity, bound together by harmless rituals. For many Masons, the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom is a continuing process of study, application, review of what has previously been studied and further application of new lessons learned like history chanell.  But throughout their long history, the Freemasons have been reviled as devil worshippers, accused of provoking revolution, and suspected of plotting to take over the world.

Witness in Mysteries of the Freemasons the untold story of the world s oldest secret society as clandestine codes, patterns in the sky, and murder reveal a radically new picture of the nation s founding fathers. Each of us has experience the need to both conform and to be different. We have also experienced believing and disbelief; certainty and doubt; and order and chaos.

Those of us who are able to read this writing have yet to experience the difference between what we know as life and death, and whether or not there is any difference at all. As true as the foregoing may be, it does not go far enough in interpreting what Freemasonry intends being freeborn to symbolize. It is equally important to also understand how this relates to Masonry’s attitude toward despotism and mankind’s ceaseless pursuit of freedom. History Channell

Within the teachings of the Craft we learn that life is a law of Nature and that he who imposes his own selfish desires upon another man’s natural born spirit of freedom is a criminal against the laws of Nature. Investigates the history and symbology so prominent in the creation of the United States and traces the intricate connections of the Founders with Freemasonry other secret organizations and between each other.

How did the trademarks of the highly secretive Masons become integrated into the Great Seal and on the dollar bill containing the All-Seeing Eye? Did the grid design of the nation’s capital–commissioned by George Washington and completed by Pierre L’Enfant–contain occult symbols embraced by the Illuminati in 1776? Did Benjamin Franklin and George Washington deliberately enlist 33 Freemason generals from France to grow the fraternal brotherhood among Masonic nations?

Dramatic reenactments, expert interviews, sophisticated CGI, and original location documentary footage transport viewers back to the time when Freemasons led the Revolution, This process is consistent with the exhortation frequently uttered in Masonic lodges – “gather what has been scattered and reconcile what appears to be contradictory.”

To succumb to the infiltrations of the immense “me” of the despot is tantamount to sacrificing freedom on the altar of materialism found on history chanell. If a man does not resist those infiltrations, he is doomed to be absorbed by them making the world less free than it was before.  They claim theyre merely a civic-minded fraternity bound together by harmless rituals.

But throughout their long history the Freemasons have been reviled as devil worshippers accused of provoking revolution and suspected of plotting to take over the world.

Antique Masonic Book

Antique Masonic Books

A Mason is not valuable to the world in which he lives simply because he has been initiated into the Order. There are many antique masonic books that you can find anywhere.  Rather, he must prepare himself by study and the application of the knowledge that he acquires, if he is ever to benefit society and mankind. The hourglass asks the candidate to reflect upon the irreversibility of the passage of time.

Antique Masonic Books

Material life is on a continuing progression toward decay and there is precious little time available to participate in the development of the spirit. The bread denotes the transformation from the raw to the fully cooked – from raw wheat to the bread which is fit for human consumption.

The flask of water represents fertility, or regeneration, of which lustration, or baptism is also a symbol. The regeneration explained in this symbolism is not that of the resurrection of the spirit and soul, but of the resurrection to moral and virtuous living of the material body.

Regeneration of the spirit and soul benefits the individual, while renewal of the resolve to live will benefits others. Most religions teach that unless a man renews his material life to the doing of good works, he will not fully prepare himself for eternal life.

Prudence teaches us to regulate our lives and actions agreeable to that which is reasonable. Undeniably that which is reasonable will vary from circumstance to circumstance, as well as from time to time.

Despots prefer that their subject behave impetuously and give little thought to the consequences of poor choices. If so, be a force for change – resolve not to act impetuously in any matter that is significant to the welfare of others. Yet, if one presented with a choice of action will simply pause to reflect upon the consequences of each choice, the more reasonable of the two will become obvious.

Masonry asks us to weigh carefully the choices life presents and to do the best we can to consistently select the more reasonable option. Antique Masonic Books contains answers to most questions that people have in mind. Do you believe that there is too little evidence that prudence is alive and well in our world today?